Let Me Cry for You   1 comment

Dewata Island, Feb 27th 2oo7

You’re still right by my side
I was Makin’ love to you
Tell me will tomorrow come?
Can Me love forever more
As the years I have only spent with you.

Tell me why?
You too soon to say good bye
when I only think of you
I just can’t find another day
But I know I have gotta say
I feel I am dying too
CoZ I’ve lose vou.

I can’t believe that its happening to me
But I am still try….
Can you feel I am reaChing out just for you

Now that you gone….
Its really hurt me more and more….
But I know oo darling I’ll miss you so.

Now I see….
There’s nothing much I can do
Leave the sorrow,
Leave the pain and make me blue
And I will always pray for you
Togather I am with you
Let me sheat the tears and cry for you!


Posted 3 June 2008 by dhianofie

One response to “Let Me Cry for You

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  1. Beutifully narrated.

    Where is this Devata Island?

    I always looking for one for my soul.
    can u email me where is this Island.
    Very often i visit Borubuddur and Prabanan – at least 3 times a year – from Malaysia.


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